FSRN Daily Broadcast Cancelled

WRCT regrets to inform its listeners that the Pacifica syndication Free Speech Radio News aired its last broadcast on Friday, Sept. 27. To learn more about the end of the FSRN daily broadcast, please visit their website at http://www.fsrn.org.

VIA 2013 Preview

If for some reason you’ve never experienced Pittsburgh’s VIA Music & New Media Festival, don’t let this be your fourth year missing out! Though VIA holds events year round, this is the only time you can enjoy a week long of genre-defining music and visuals, exclusive film screenings, interactive exhibits and performances, mind-blowing video games and of course, great company. To get you even more excited for the festival, check out some of the artists below before seeing them live.

For more information about the line up and tickets, visit via-pgh.com, or check out the Facebook event page for the festival.

Here’s a shortened version of the schedule, with some links to help you get to know these artists:


Film Screening: Sublime Frequencies, Vodoun Gods + The Divine River

A/V Showcase: US Girls + Shockwave Riderz+ Nic Lawless with visuals by Annapurna Kumar

Check out Pittsburgh’s own surf rock-meets-electronic group, Shockwave Riderz: http://shockwaveriderz.bandcamp.com/


Early A/V Showcase: Raime + Dream Weapon

Late A/V Showcase: Container + Pharmakon + Richard Pinhas + Forma + Aaron Dilloway + Unicorn Hard-On + John Elliot with visuals by Jeremy Bible

Check out Pharmakon for beautifully dark power electronics:


Film Screening: twohundredfiftysixcolors

A/V Showcase, co-presented by Obvious: Actress + Jimmy Edgar + Jason Burns + Natasha Kemto + Ian Brill/Transmission

Check out Jason Burns for some truly unique tunes that fuse garage, house and R&B melodies:


Exhibition: Opening Night Event with Sharon Needles + Total Freedom

Check out Pittsburgh-based Sharon Needles (winner of Ru Paul’s Drag Race!) for a taste of opening night: http://www.sharonneedles.com/

A/V Showcase: Jacques Greene + Lapalux + Total Freedom + Sasha Go Hard + Wise Blood + Banjee Report + Postlife + White Tuxedo + Yung Moth with visuals by Joust + Case Jane Ellison x Miss Daddie + many more.


Interactive Performance: group

Early A/V Showcase: Adult. + Vessel + Trogpite + visuals by Joust + Case Jane Ellison x Miss Daddie + many more

Late A/V Showcase, co-presented by DETOUR: KiNK + Hunee

Check out internationally acclaimed Bulgarian DJ KiNK: http://pbpm.net/artists/kink


Performance: Peter Burr’s “Special Effect”

Audio Showcase, co-presented by Obvoius, Pandemic, and Postlife: Slava + Beggars of a New Land + Shisha

Post by Morgan Midgett

VIA Festival 2013

Our friends at VIA are at it again! This year is the fourth annual VIA Music & New Media Festival here in Pittsburgh. The festival will be taking place October 1–6 at different venues around the city, and will feature tons of musical acts like KiNK, Actress, Jacques Greene, and Adult., each complemented by live visuals. This year’s lineup also includes screenings, interactive performances, video game installations, 3-D body scans, and more.

This is definitely more exciting than anything else you have planned for that week — school? work? yeah right! — so be sure to check it out. The full lineup and more info can be found at via-pgh.com.

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