Anatomy Of The Ear: October 7-9

WRCT proudly presents Anatomy of the Ear this Friday through Sunday — all weekend long — October 7 – 9! This year’s schedule is packed with a variety of music you don’t want to miss!

Tune in to 88.3 FM from 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 a.m. Friday through Sunday (early Monday) for hour-long musical blocks of the genres you love mixed with ones you never knew you were missing: From Cuddlecore and Pittsburgh Hardcore to Yiddish Techno and Glacial Doom! Tune in as our DJs come together to showcase the unique variety that WRCT has to offer. What new genres will you discover?

Thanks very much to Spirit, Millie’s, and Sidecar for underwriting this year’s Anatomy of the Ear!

Don’t miss it! All happening October 7 – 9 (well, into the wee hours of the 10th, too!) on 88.3 FM, Pittsburgh, or streaming from this very website!

Anatomy of the Ear Schedule

Friday, October 7
11:00 AM Disco House
Noon Power Pop
1:00 PM Cuddlecore
2:00 PM Educational Music
3:00 PM Ethereal Trap
4:00 PM Vapor Twitch
5:00 PM Krautrock
6:00 PM Psychedelic Drums
7:00 PM Iron Curtain Punk
8:00 PM Skramz
9:00 PM Brutal Prog
10:00 PM Pittsburgh Hardcore
11:00 PM Bossa Nova
Saturday, October 8
Midnight Synth Pop
1:00 AM Ambient Pop
2:00 AM Fall Indie
3:00 AM Boy Bands
11:00 AM K-Pop
Noon Disco Funk
1:00 PM City Pop
2:00 PM 70s Classic Blues Rock
3:00 PM Traditional Folk Music
4:00 PM Throatsinging Fusion
5:00 PM Lullabies
6:00 PM Jersey Club
7:00 PM Electronic Body Music
8:00 PM Ambient Electronic
9:00 PM Amapiano
10:00 PM Bleep Techno
11:00 PM Mainstream Hardcore
Sunday October 9
Midnight Electronica
1:00 AM Atmospheric DnB
2:00 AM Jungle
3:00 AM Yiddish Techno
11:00 AM Bass House
Noon Motown
1:00 PM Thai HipHop Collabs
2:00 PM Smooth Jazz
3:00 PM Midwest Emo
4:00 PM Shoegaze
5:00 PM Post-Hardcore
6:00 PM Dustercore
7:00 PM Jersey Shore Core
8:00 PM French Jazz Funk
9:00 PM Quiet Storm
10:00 PM Art Pop
11:00 PM Italo Disco
Monday, October 10
Midnight Soundtrack Sampler
1:00 AM Alt Classical
2:00 AM Video Game Music
3:00 AM Glacial Doom

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