MMW: Moxy Fruvous

Artist: Moxy Fruvous

Description: Politically and culturally influenced kooky Canadian band of the 90s. Many genres. Could write a song about the Gulf War one day, and the next day write a song about a bandit fish.

Beware the Killer Tents – The ‘C’ Album
The Lazy Boy – Bargainville
My Baby Loves a Bunch of Authors – Bargainville
Laika – Bargainville
Gulf War Song – Bargainville
Breakfast at Tiffany’s – The ‘C’ Album
Dancing Queen – The ‘C’ Album
Pisco Bandito – unreleased
The Kids’ Song – The ‘C’ Album
You Will Go to the Moon – You Will Go to the Moon

MMW: Four Tet

Artist: Four Tet

Description: Electronic musician from england, IDM-ish, soothing and nice and yes

Hear it: “Internet Chatroom” Wednesdays at 12 a.m.

Volcano (Four Tet Instrumental) – Anti Pop Consortium – Volcano (single)
Ringer – Four Tet- Ringer
Moth – Burial & Four Tet – Wolf Club
Circling – Four Tet- There is Love in You

MMW: Patten

Artist: Patten

Description: experimental, electronic, almost ambient

Hear it: “Internet Chatroom” Wednesdays at 12 a.m.

Crown 8v0
Worlds Collided
Blush Mosaic
& Our Wild Paths Intersect
Peachy Swan
Out the Coast
Ndi Bem
RubyLilith Film

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