Second Sense: Yoshi Sodekoa

Hey, Reader! Welcome to the first installment of Second Sense, my new A/V blog. Here we’ll take the time to appreciate the amazing thing that happens when sound and sight enter the ring together.

Let’s start with Yoshi Sodekoa, a Japanese artist working out of New York has been making visual art for quite some time. Maybe you heard of him over the summer — he designed the vignettes for Yeasayer’s “Fragrant World” scavenger hunt. The videos (featuring a song off of the album) were hidden all over the internet, and clues were given so fans could find them. Pretty neat stuff.

“Henrietta” by Yeasayer

But Sodekoa has been making these glitchy, psychedelic vids for a while, and for a whole bunch of musicians. My favorite is a multi-chromatic visual attack made for the song “Youth in Trouble” by The Presets. I know you want to watch it.

“Youth in Trouble” by The Presets

Glitchy, colorful, wonderful. Featuring pixelated unicorns and tweaked video footage of riots. What’s not to like?

Sodekoa has more of his A/V work on his Vimeo and his website. It’s definitely worth checking out.

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