On local musicians

Below are descriptions of five choice active bands and artists from Pittsburgh.

Flak: Flak is one of Pittsburgh’s finest punk bands. Drawing influences from a wide array of punk and metal bands from across the ages, Flak’s ace instrumentalism and shifting song parts make for a very exciting band. The group’s first 7″ is available at stores such as Brave New World, and its first LP should be out soon. www.myspace.com/flakpgh.

Tusk lord: Tusk lord is a one-man musical outfit steadily producing a prolific and varying output that consistently increases in quality. His CD, Famililar Trails, came out a while ago; it features songs like “Sunbeams Piercing the Canopy” that call forth impressions of abstract images, situations, and feelings. Songs are largely electric; they are acoustic-guitar-based but employ a wide array of electronic sound generators. A new album is due out in the future. www.myspace.com/tusklord.

Caustic Christ: Caustic Christ is a Pittsburgh institution. Having toured extensively around the world, there are many who call CC Pittsburgh’s greatest band. It plays fast hardcore, filled with a rare, penetrating energy. Everyone should check out the classic Can’t Relate LP/CD as well as the band’s newest LP Lycanthropy. www.myspace.com/causticchrist.

Warzone Womyn: Warzone Womyn is another of Pittsburgh’s finest punk bands. Playing a style of hardcore known as “power violence,” Warzone Womyn features outstanding songwriting, perfected instrument sound, killer vocal delivery, and lyrics to produce mastery of all tempos. Songs like “Therapy Notes” — available for listening at www.myspace.com/warzwonewomyn — are maddening.

DBL D: DBL D is a somewhat new, very exciting improvisational band. With no set leader, members play off each other and swing collectively in and out of different ideas, as well as in and out of traditional rhythms. The band recently released a CD called Initiation of the Pulse. Check out www.myspace.com/dblddbld.

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