Consolidation with Dan Strange
Wed Feb 21, 2024 from 7:00 PM until 10:00 PM
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Artist Album Track ISRC code
Blackwolfgoat Dronolith Dronolith
Subrosa No Help for the Mighty Ones Dark Country USN681110025
Pa Vesh En Catacombs A Funeral Procession GX4R52333869
Year of No Light Tocsin Tocsin FR9W11317596
Curse All Kings Feral Earth Ünmaal
Sunface Cloud Castles ...Through the Snow and Beyond the Fertile Land
Oranssi Pazuzu Farmokologinen - EP Unihämähäkki USJE71710032
Yellow Eyes Rare Field Ceiling Light Delusion Curtain QM6MZ1970322
Irepress Samus Octology June Ipper USCHW0701905
Circle Of Dead Children Psalm of the Grand Destroyer Obsidian Flakes USRMX1500035
Job for a Cowboy Moon Healer The Sun Gave Me Ashes so I Sought Out the Moon
Car Bomb 'W^W^^W^W' The Seconds USHM91221915
ATRÆ BILIS Divinihility - EP Upon the Shoulders of Havayoth QMEU32011574
Archspire Bleed the Future Golden Mouth of Ruin FR33T2163602
Gorguts From Wisdom To Hate Elusive Treasures US4E41368506
Origin Omnipresent Malthusian Collapse QMFMF1441688
Gorod A Maze of Recycled Creeds Temple to the Art God FR1PP1501310
Amnesiak Amnesiak - EP Worms of the Mind QZTB42302113
Hadit Metaphysical Engines Approaching The Event Horizon Becoming The Light Eternally Travelling On The Photon Sphere
Axioma Primal Descent - EP Pageantry of Miscreants USL4R2313586
Bruise Bath Bruise Bath Amelia in the Morning USDHM1630776
Monkey3 Welcome To The Machine Ignition
Magnatar Crushed Loving You Was Killing Me USY252289257
Orchid The Mouths of Madness Leaving It All Behind DED831200705
Night Slasher Night Slasher Black Trip QZWFN2399413
Proton Burst La Nuit Mouvement II
S.C.R.A.M The Inner City Tomorrow Is Always Right Behind You USL4Q2367859