Breakfast for Dinner with Chris Wired
Sun Feb 18, 2024 from 6:00 PM until 7:00 PM
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Artist Album Track ISRC code
Chicago Chicago V (Expanded) A Hit By Varese (Remastered) USRH11601009
The Maureens Fell In Love Fell In Love UKZGC2308787
Deezleteens Girls With Money - A Half A Cow Compilation Ya We Are Cruel But We Have Our Agenda AUV401491734
Solarflairs Stereo Alley Stereo Alley QZ4JJ1783667
Zoon A Language Disappears A Language Dissapears - Single Edit CAP432301819
Born Anchors Sprezzatura In Disguise USI4R0901141
The Celebrity Pilots Hawks Of The Lesser Antilles Nor Do We USCGH1033282
Mincer Ray A Magnate's Reach Perspiring Winners QMRJW1300002
The All Golden And Faraway Is Scotland Mythmaker USHM81284728
Fruit Bats Waking Up in Los Angeles Waking Up in Los Angeles USMRG2376705
The Campbell Apartment Under The Influence Of Love PATH Train of Least Resistance QMFMF2321701
Novelty Island Taped Over Thinkin' Things / Road Signs GBLFP2414497
Pop Will Eat Itself The Poppies Strike Back The Poppies Strike Back TCAGF2251974
Ned's Atomic Dustbin ARE YOU NORMAL? Not Sleeping Around GBBBL9200018
Kingmaker Bloodshot And Fancy Free - The Best Of Kingmaker Ten Years Asleep GBAYK9300027
Reno Bo Never Night Time on the Sun Underground Sunshine QMG5Z1500080
Primal Scream Chaosmosis Trippin' on Your Love GBBGB1500131