Zombo in Your Brain with Zombo
Fri Feb 16, 2024 from 10:00 AM until 1:00 PM
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Artist Album Track ISRC code
10 000 Russos Distress Distress Distress GBHLW1704233
Devo 50 Years of De-Evolution 1973–2023 Theme from Doctor Detroit USWB12301943
Tim Curry Fearless I Do The Rock DESK91696903
The Tornados Love And Fury: The Holloway Road Sessions 1962-1966 (Joe Meek's Tea Chest Tapes) Robot - Mix #4 GBBLY2303814
The Routes Reverberation Addict Everybody's Happy Nowadays QZTAS2309094
The Routes Reverberation Addict Fast Cars QZTAS2309095
Various Artists Pop Romantique: French Pop Classics Zoom!
The Cocoas That No Good Poo Pee Doo Flip Your Daddy DEM071200658
The Pleasant Valley Tune Jammers That No Good Poo Pee Doo Big Foots GBQRF1117541
The Fall Live at Tramps, New York, 1994 L.A. - Live at Tramps, New York, 1994 GBKPL2145530
Bloodshot Bill Psyche-O-Billy This Is USA3U2319312
Jim Jones All Stars Ain't No Peril Ain't No Peril QZNWS2373493
Delaney Davidson Shining Day Strange I Know GBETY1891301
Deepthroat Deep Throat Anthology, Parts I & II Deep Throat USDEA0401005
Monster Rally Botanica Dream McGilacuddy GBRKQ2251111
Mrs. Miller A Christmas Gift from Mrs. Miller... Blue Velvet usl4q2078889
Joe Strummer & The Latino Rockabilly War The Future Is Unwritten Trash City GBBBM8802079
Bela La Goldenstein Rockin' in the Graveyard Old Boris USBT21625842
Big Maybelle "America's Queen Mother Of Soul" Got A Brand New Bag Egg Plant That Ate Chicago USFZH0700934
Bruno Martino Gli indimenticabili anni '60 al Night Dracula cha cha cha ITG011109147
Carson Robison Dim Lights, Thick Smoke and Hillbilly Music, Country & Western Hit Parade 1948 Life Gets Tee-Jus, Don't It? QMDA61436884
MFC Chicken Play the Fabulous Wailers Dirty Robber ES71G2047856
Billy Bragg Workers Playtime That's Entertainment GBCEJ0600266
Alien Sex Fiend The Bat Cave Masters Batman
Silent Planet Everything Was Sound (Instrumental) Understanding Love as Loss - Instrumental QMGVJ1600046